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     The modern world is colorful and unpredictable. Reality is more like a quest and surrealism is not surprising, it feels like a commonplace. Nobody can predict what will happen in a day, in a month or in a year. It’s both scary, strange and unusually exciting and passionately to live and create in such an interesting, crazy time.The history of the Boo & Bon brand is like the knowledge of the highest Zen. While it seems you are in a monumental temple, where everything obeys a certain order and foundations built over the centuries, but suddenly, you find there a small door leading you into a marvelous garden, filled with bright colors, fabulous animals, the leaves rustle of plants that nobody have seen before, the singing of birds from paradise, and unlimited possibilities, where there are no rules and prohibitions, where everything is allowed, where everyone can get whatever he wants, where nobody needs to pretend, where you can make deepest inhalation and enjoy every moment in your life.
     Modern reality looks like a kaleidoscope with a picture changing every second. Traditional values: a car, real estate, a bank account, a suit with a tie aren’t a priority any more. Individuality, emotions, travel, learning something new and gaining new experience
comes ahead. Millennials have been replaced by Generation Z. And we have already seen that the fantastic Z-down jackets from Boo&Bon fit perfectly into the picture of the modern world - the world of emotions, innovations, technologies, drive and endless transformations!     


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